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If you need a Peco Lift that can give you the height and safety, without denting your budget – you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll go through EVERYTHING you need to know about Peco Lift Hire – how it works, who can avail of this service, as well as some tips and reminders before deciding on a Peco lift hire.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Peco lift hire being used in an office fit out Peco personnel lift used by mechanical and electrical contractors on a building site Eco lifts are small enough to be wheeled into a lift.

Is a Peco Lift Hire The Solution? Here’s What You Need to Know

A Peco Lift is a game-changer in the world of platforms.

One of the first versatile manual platforms engineered, Peco Lifts offer working heights of 3.5 meters or about 11.5 feet.

When Do You Need a Peco Lift?

Since the lift offers a safe approach to low levels, making it a great option for those needing a more efficient and stable platform for hard-to-reach heights.

For example, in any construction job, safety measures should be in place at all times.

Using proper equipment and gears would not only minimize risks of accidents, but they can also help you get the job done faster.

They are easy to maintain.

With a tiny footprint and at only 180kg it is very easy to move and guide even in the most constricted areas.

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Aside from construction areas, Peco Lift comes in handy during::

  • All construction projects
  • Painting/Repainting walls
  • Fixing electric wiring
  • Renovation projects

Advantages of Peco Lifts

  • Among the low-level access platforms, Peco Lift is your best bet to help you safely work at the height you need, especially if you are carrying a bit of load.
  • You do not also have to climb up and down every time you need to switch places. Peco lifts also minimize the risk of falling when thrown off balance.
  • Due to its efficiency and versatility, the International Awards for Powered Access has awarded it as the Low-Level Access Product of 2014.

If you’re still unconvinced, let us walk you through other advantages:

Mobile and Easy Set Up

Compared to other manual platforms such as the usual ladders or scaffold towers, you won’t have to worry about setting it up every use. Peco lifts are pretty much plug-and-play. Just think about the time you’ll save!

As Peco Lifts also come with wheels, this makes them highly mobile. Easy transport solution here we come!

Compared to ladders and scaffolds, there would be no more lifting. If you need to shift to a new spot, even tricky limited spaces, you can move the equipment with much ease.

Power Eco. It's quite simple, really.

When using a Peco lift, you can rest assured knowing that your carbon footprint is as small as your actual footprint. With a manual power enhancement system, your own strength will be augmented to be able to easily elevate the platform.

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Efficient Mechanism

The elevation is made possible by simply rotating the handle. It is completely battery-free and does not require power or electricity. Peco Lifts run on an eco-friendly powered access. They do NOT run on: 

  • Electricity
  • Hydraulic-oil
  • Battery

In addition to it being environmentally friendly, you also won’t have to worry about the risk of it BREAKING DOWN in the middle of a job.

For a contractor, this means being able to work seamlessly without any disruptions. There would be no need to account for downtime waiting for battery recharge or a mechanic.

It is also for this reason that the Peco lift has been named “non-powered powered-access”.

Maximum Stability

Its smart design also takes safety to another level (pun intended). Aside from complying with global safety rules and regulations, the design is also quite revolutionary.

It is equipped with an Auto-Lock brake system. This is activated once the body is elevated. After the body is lifted from its base position, the whole lift LOCKS IN the safety brakes to give you ultimate stability.

This means EVEN if the ground is slightly elevated or slippery, the lift would be able to stand its ground. 

Moreover, the safe working load of the lift is 150 kg. An average man’s weight is 60 kg. Thus, it is completely safe to load extra things and tools in the lift.

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Scaffoldings take up much space which may not be the best option especially if you need to reach areas with limited space.

Peco Lifts are truly compact as the widest side only measures less than one meter. Its length is only ⅔ of a meter and a base height of 1.55 meters.

Its SMALL FOOTPRINT allows it to fit into tiny spaces whether indoors or outdoors. For instance, the whole lift can even go through standard-size doors!


Here is a summary of the dimensions and figures you need to know:

  • Base height: 1.55 m
  • Working height (elevated): 3.5 m
  • Dimensions: 985 mm (l) x 700mm (w)
  • Safe Working Load: 150 kg
  • Features: Auto-lock wheels, purely mechanical system, fail-safe lifting mechanism

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Peco Lift Hire Vs Buy?

If Peco Lifts have all these advantages, some of you might wonder – why not buy your own?

If you hire this service, it would be much more cost-effective, especially if you are using it for one-time or short jobs.

Another great quality about Peco Lift hire service is you do not have to think about the regular maintenance nor the service needed for the equipment. It’s better to hire as this means the equipment comes to you ready to use.

Lastly, you won’t also have to worry about storage!

Although it may have a compact size, it would still take up space in your garage or storage areas. Availing Peco Lift hire means it would be out of your hair the day after you finish the job.

Why Choose Lakeside-Hire?

Having reservations if a Peco Lift hire service can help you accomplish the job?

It’s a completely acceptable question for those considering to hire.

There have been horror stories of receiving hired equipment which are poorly maintained or companies with less than satisfactory customer service.

So if you want reliable service, go for Lakeside-hire.

What makes it standout? Lakeside-Hire is a top service provider among the others and has proven their reliability and quality of BOTH their equipment and hire service.

Just look at their incredible 4.8 rating on Feefo!

Not convinced? Lakeside-Hire has even more up their sleeve:

Easy, No-Fuss Service Processing

You can begin your hire service order ONLINE. You can also call to arrange off-hire orders. You won’t have to worry about going to their branches to finalize your service order.

Fast Delivery

Lakeside-Hire is available nationwide.

And what’s more is you can expect to have it delivered the NEXT DAY. As long as you lock in your service order before 3PM, you can have the equipment delivered to your doorstep the following day.

Thorough and Regular Maintenance

If your main concern is receiving sub-par equipment, you can bid your worries away.

Lakeside-hire carefully checks every part and crevice of the equipment when it returns from a job AND before it is sent out for delivery.

Every piece of equipment undergoes regular service maintenance and checkups to ensure it meets Health and Safety rules and regulations.

Excellent Service

The Lakeside-Hire expert service team is always on standby for any questions you may have.

If you are undecided whether you need a Peco Lift hire – you can easily call the service team up to help you decide by giving comprehensive advice.

If you encounter any issues while using the equipment, the customer service team is also just a call away.

To ensure the quality of the service team, each hire-coordinator is PASMA trained. Rest assured, you get a clear answer to each question.


What is a Peco Lift?

Peco lifts are revolutionary platforms. 

  • These offer low-level non-powered access of up to 3.5 meters.
  • These are also a great alternative to ladders and scaffold towers. 
  • As they are fully mechanized, there is no need to set up the equipment before use. 
  • Moreover, they are proven to be more secure and stable compared to other manual platforms. 
  • Lastly, you can easily adjust the working height or location without having to climb up and down the equipment.

What Safety Gear Do I Need When Mounting A Peco Lift?

Wear basic safety gear such as construction boots and a hard hat. Depending on the work or activity, gloves and glasses may be worn as an added protection.


Say goodbye to a cumbersome manual set up just to reach and work at a greater height. Peco lift hire service is a safe, fast, and budget-friendly option to help you get the job done.

Get in touch with a hire coordinator today!