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Existing scissor lift hire manufactures

Existing Scissor Lift Manufacturers

Numerous business in the United States and abroad make scissor lifts. Although you’ll find many scissor lift types to select from, BigRentz presents details on the following companies which produce the greatest quality scissor lifts.

JLG Industries

Since JLG Industries was the very first business to produce the scissor lift domestically, the company has actually been working to best its style for decades. JLG was established in 1969 by John L. Grove, and in 1970, it made the aerial platform, which changed the lift industry.

JLG’s headquarters remains in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, although the company has areas around the globe, including Latin America and Russia. The only two U.S. manufacturing areas are in McConnellsburg, and in Orville, Ohio. Manufacturing likewise happens in France, Romania, Belgium, and China.

JLG uses two types of scissor lifts: electrical scissor lifts and engine-powered scissor lifts.

Electric scissor lifts have an electric drive that doubles the battery life compared with a hydraulic scissor lift. JLG electrical lifts are perfect for usage inside, and 3 series of designs (ES, R, and LE) offer you with different height and width options. Platform heights range from 15 ft to 40 feet, permitting you to reach working heights between 21 feet and 46 ft high. Device widths vary from 2 ft 6 into 5 feet 9 in. Engine-powered scissor lifts have bigger lift platforms and increased capacity and typically can lift more weight than a boom lift. With rough surface wheels, they’re your option for outdoor work that requires a scissor lift. Between the JLG 260MRT design and the LRT series, platform heights reach from 26 ft to 53 ft, offering you working heights of 32 ft to 49 ft. These platforms provide a large work area: the tiniest is 5 feet 9 in, while the biggest is 7 ft 9 in.


Genie started in 1966 with Bud Bushnell and a compressed air lift. In 2002, the Terex Corp. purchased Genie however had actually kept the Genie brand, and the quality raises it produces. Genie’s U.S. headquarters is at the Terex AWP primary workplace in Redmond, Washington.

Genie sorts scissor lifts into 2 categories: slab scissor lifts and rough terrain scissor lifts:

Slab scissor lifts operate electrically and work both inside your home and outdoors. They are easy to navigate in little areas and significant for making little noise. Working heights on slab scissor lifts range from 21 ft to 46 ft. The most affordable lift capacity is 500 pounds, while the greatest is 1, 500 lbs. Rough surface scissor lifts are made for outside building websites. These lifts have four-wheel-drive and large platforms, making them ideal for tough outside job websites. Working heights range from 32 ft to 59 ft. Some of these devices can manage a 50% gradient and still lift you securely and safely. The lowest lift capability is 800 pounds, while the greatest is 2, 500 pounds.


The Skyjack business has actually been around considering that 1985. Skyjack’s developments consist of the scissor lift swing out component tray and narrower, higher platforms on certain lift designs. In 2002, the Linamar Corp. purchased Skyjack. The international Skyjack headquarters are in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Similar to other lift business, Skyjack produces electric and rough terrain scissor lifts. The business’s DC electric scissor lifts are capable of reaching work heights from 21 feet to 44.7 ft. Skyjack’s rough surface scissor lifts have four-wheel-drive and use either a diesel engine or gas and propane double fuel. Work heights range from 32 ft to 56 ft.


MEC began in Mayville, Wisconsin, in the late 1970s. The company originally made scissor lift products. By 2008, MEC was accountable for being a market leader with medium and large electric and rough surface scissor lifts. Today, MEC is accountable for development in aerial lifts, consisting of the 4069 ERT, which has the most affordable stowed height of its section.

MEC offers piece scissor lifts, midsize rough surface scissor lifts, and big scissor lifts. The slab scissor lifts been available in micro, slim, and compact. These scissor lifts are ideal for a variety of indoor usages, although the slim and compact scissor lifts are also appropriate for certain outdoor uses on flat terrain.

MEC midsize rough surface scissor lifts and large lifts are ideal for your outdoor jobs. The Speed Level Sigma Lift is classified as a scissor lift, although instead of the typical X pattern, it utilizes one folding arm to raise a large platform. It still runs likewise to a scissor lift in that it extends directly and can handle ground gradation.

Other popular scissor lift brand names consist of Haulotte, although dozens of brands worldwide produce scissor lifts that you can lease.

Most Popular Scissor Lift Designs

The most popular scissor lift designs consist of acknowledged brand names, features that typical task websites need the most, and resale value. In the resale market for all scissor lift heights, Skyjack controls, with JLG and Genie being available in second and third. These brand names consistently produce quality devices and can make much of it. These 3 top brand names also produce the most scissor lifts in the 41 feet to the 50 ft category.

The JLG 1930ES and 2630ES

The JLG 1930ES is a small scissor lift with a lift platform height of 18 ft 9 in, and an overall width of only 2 feet 6 in. Fit through doorways and in tight indoor areas with the JLG 1930ES, the smallest of the ES series and JLG’s electric lifts. This model is popular for its quiet operation and its easy maintenance. It has 4 hydraulic fittings, and 2 pipes, which JLG reports will leave you with less upkeep calls than other designs.

JLG no longer produces the 2630ES model. It had a platform height of 25 feet 6 in, and a width of 2 ft 6 in. You might still have the ability to purchase used JLG 2630ES designs or rent them for your job websites. Nevertheless, the JLG 2632ES is comparable. It increases to the same height, and it is only 2 feet 8 in broad. The exact same hydraulics as the 1930ES make this maker peaceful and a low-maintenance piece. It fits through the majority of doorways and has an extendable platform.

The Genie GS-1930 and GS-2632

Genie’s GS-1930 is an electrical scissor lift on the little end, with a 25 feet working height and an overall lift capacity of 500 pounds. This lift works best indoors on flat surface, although it can working outdoors, too. It has non-marking tires and offers AC power to the platform, so you can plug in tools while you’re up on the lift. At just 2 feet 6 in large, it will fit through a lot of entrances.

The Genie GS-2632 design offers you a 32 ft working height and a lift ability of 1, 000 lbs total. The platform presents for extra space, and it provides A/C power. The width is just 2 ft 8 in, makings this lift simple to navigate in tight indoor areas. Nonmarking tires likewise make this lift a popular choice for indoor use.

The Skyjack SJIII 3219

In 2013, Skyjack produced its 100, 000th SJIII 3219 scissor lift model, a turning point makings this scissor lift among the world’s most popular scissor lift designs. The Skyjack SJIII 3219 is a versatile electric scissor lift that can deal with some indoor and outside jobs. The raised platform height is 19 ft, offering it a 25 ft work height. The scissor lift itself is compact, at only 39 in high when fully lowered. It can deal with a 30% gradation, and it takes 25 seconds to lift its full load capacity.