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History of scissor lifts. The Forerunners to the Peco

The movable scissor lift that we think about today was designed in the 1960s. It’s called the pantograph scissor lift, and it utilizes 2 posts to lift a platform into the air. The patent for this scissor lift mechanism was filed on December 26, 1963, by Charles Larson. In April 1966, Larson’s patent was granted, and by the 1970s, the scissor lift ended up being commercially offered.

JLG was the very first U.S. business to present a commercially available scissor lift in 1976. JLG was able to turn Larson’s patented mechanism into a manufacturable lift. Around the same time, companies around the world began developing scissor lifts, although JLG was officially the very first to do so. Japanese business Meikikou made an agreement with American Production to produce scissor lifts, and by 1977, it had launched the N-series scissor lift. In the early 1980s, Hy-Brid lifts created and produced the first “2-in-1” scissor lift for mausoleum usage.

Before the pantograph scissor lift, scissor lifts used a single post to raise platforms into the air. This design came about in 1925, and although individuals reconciled it, the single post design was hazardous and difficult to utilize. The double pantograph, the X-shaped pattern supporting the platform from both sides, is even more stable and is much easier to raise and lower safely.

The reasons we still use a variation of Charles Larson’s style today are security and convenience. The pantograph scissor lift used additional security and assistance with its lattice lift style. Today, the pantograph scissor lift uses hydraulics for lifting and reducing the platform, a more secure lift variation. The pantograph style also folds up nicely, enabling people to easily move the folded lift platform amongst areas.

JLG has been instrumental in developing the scissor lift style utilized today. A year after the very first scissor lift came off the production line, JLG broadened to Europe, with headquarters in the UK. In 1981, the company released scissor lifts and boom raises with oscillating axles for much better maneuverability. In 1998, JLG produced its 50, 000th scissor lift.